Jiayao Zhang


David Rittenhouse Laboratory
209 S 33rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
 jiayaozhang [at] {acm, ieee}.org




I will be joining Penn as a Ph.D. student in the coming fall.
Entered URFP '18.
I will be visiting Prof. Dawn Song's lab in the coming summer.
Entried to Dean's Honours List 2016-17.


I am a first-year Ph.D. student at The University of Pennsylvania working on machine learning theories. Before joining Penn, I received my Bachelors in Computer Science with First Class Honors from The University of Hong Kong. I also spent two summers visiting UC Berkeley.

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We are organizing a reading group on optimal transport, ping me if you're interested!


Weak Neural Dependence Phenomenon On the Weak Neural Dependence Phenomenon in Deep Learning
J. Zhang, R. Jia, L. Bo, and D. Song
NeurIPS '18 Workshop on Deep Learning Theory
[Preprint] [Poster]
Illustration of Notions on Grassmannians Grassmannian Learning: Embedding Geometry Awareness in Shallow and Deep Learning
J. Zhang, G. Zhu, R. Heath, and K. Huang
Communications on the Grassmannian Automatic Recognition of Space-Time Constellations by Learning on the Grassmann Manifold
Y. Du, G. Zhu, J. Zhang, and K. Huang
IEEE Trans. Signal Processing
IEEE Globalcom '18


<i>pyTracer</i>: Physically-Based Rendering in PythonpyTracer: Physically-Based Rendering in Python
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<i>Pamuretas</i>: Parallel Multi-Dependency Resource-Critical Task SchedulerPamuretas: Parallel Multi-Dependency Resource-Critical Task Scheduler
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Visual Domain Adaptation via Grassmannian Geodesic SamplingVisual Domain Adaptation via Grassmannian Geodesic Sampling
Clustering with Mean ShiftClustering with Mean Shift
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Johnson's Linear Algebra Library for Matrix DecompositionsJohnson's Linear Algebra Library for Matrix Decompositions
Multiplayer Card Game in JavaMultiplayer Card Game in Java